Two legendary swordsmen, hailing from Rurouni Kenshin series, are joining the roster of Jump Force. Peacemaker, Kenshin Himura, and the merciless Shishio Makoto will raise their blades against an ever-growing cast of Shounen Jump all-stars within this dreamlike crossover title. And that cast that may soon see the official inclusion of both Piccolo and Cell, representing the Dragon Ball Z series. 

Jump Force
Jump Force

The latest V-Jump scans showcase the aforementioned Rurouni Kenshi and Shishio Makoto in a set of images; these two characters specifically have been officially confirmed for the playable roster by Bandai Namco’s Twitter account. These scans also seem to reveal characters yet to be announced, introducing Piccolo and Cell.

Jump Force

What’s interesting is that both Piccolo and Cell can be seen standing amongst the lineup of announced characters. The green and mean duo seemingly Instant Transmissioned themselves right into the roster; at least from what can be inferred by these latest scans.

Jump Force will launch on February 15, 2019, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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