We are nearly a week away from the release of Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee. The “fusion” games, that blend the casualness of Pokemon GO and the story/world of the mainstream Pokemon games is said to be something that everyone can play and enjoy. Hence why catching Pokemon is like GO, while battles and the story resemble the main games. But now, we know exactly who the old faces we’re going to see in the game are.

We already knew that the game itself would be taking place in the Kanto region, and that certain gym leaders would return. But, on Twitter, a new video showcases all the original Kanto gym leaders, as well as the original Elite Four.

But that’s not all, the game also confirmed that Red and Blue would be making an appearance as well. Showing that this is a game set in Kanto, but is not the same as the original games. Yet, that’s STILL not all, check out the trailer below, and wait until the end.

Did you recognize that girl at the end? That would be Leaf, a character who was created for the “remakes” of the original games, FireRed and LeafGreen. She was the female protagonist, and honestly hasn’t been seen since then outside of a palette swap in Super Smash Bros.

It’s going to interesting to see how Pokemon Let’s Go works these three characters into the story. We’ll find out when the game releases on Nintendo Switch on November 16th.

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