When you look for good video game teams, you often look for those who have gone above and beyond the call in terms of their titles. To that end, Platinum Games is definitely one of those teams. For not only do they strive for excellence, they want to make games that are very different. From Vanquish, to Wonderful 101, Bayonetta, Nier: Automata, and more, they’ve done a lot. The team has a good relationship with Nintendo, and that relationship is apparently growing.

We know already that the team is making Bayonetta 3 for Nintendo Switch, it was revealed last year at The Game Awards. However, a new rumor from source “Leaky Pandy” who is a group dedicated to finding rumors and such like that has noted that:

“Platinum Games has two more games for Switch beside Bayonetta 3… [Hideki] Kamiya is credited in all three of them. Both Bayonetta 3 [and] a second game target 2019.”

That’s a very interesting reveal, because if that’s true, not only would that mark only the second time that Platinum has made two unique titles for Switch (Bayonetta 2 and Wonder 101 were on Switch), but it would seem to indicate that Platinum is gravitating to Nintendo more than the other platforms. At least, if this is true that is.

The question then becomes, “What games are they making?” It’s possible it could be a port, but that doesn’t seem like their style. Could it be Wonderful 102? Or a brand new IP? The sky is the limit with Platinum Games. We’ll just have to see what they reveal.

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