Since its announcement just months ago fans of Star Wars and all its spectacular stories have been itching for more information on The Mandalorian, the original series headed up by Jon Favreau. Today that itch can finally be scratched with the announcement of Pedro Pascal’s casting in the show’s lead role. Variety reported the news citing insider sources, and while rumors have been flitting about with Pascal’s name attached, now is the first time we can be completely sure they weren’t simply hearsay.

Pascal’s star power has been rising ever since his breakout role on the Netflix original Narcos as the suave agent Javier Peña, and of course, his appearance on Game Of Thrones as Prince Oberyn Martell helped boost that fame even further. After his definitive fate on HBO’s fantasy series and his departure from Netflix’s roster, it seems he’s landed yet another major gig with Disney. Personally, I’ve found Pascal nothing short of completely endearing in every role he steps into, so to see him take on a beloved property like Star Wars is incredibly exciting.

Set in the distant corners of the Galaxy, far from the clutches of the New Republic, The Mandalorian will feature an as yet unnamed Mandalorian warrior doing presumably badass things- you know, as Mandalorians are wont to do. Further details are sparse, as is to be expected with a series this early in production, but Favreau has given us some clues as to what might be featured, including a picture of an Amban pulse-phase blaster. The weapon, which has been little seen in the Star Wars universe, will presumably be a weapon of choice for the main character, as it could be seen resting on his back in the show’s first revealed image.

Previous reports suggest the first season (assuming it’s not a limited series) is to be ten episodes long, and feature directorial efforts from Deborah Chow (Jessica Jones), Rick Famuyia (Dope), Taiki Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok), and even Bryce Dallas Howard, who is known for her work on short films. These names now paired with Pascal’s seems like a recipe for an excellent show. The buzz has fans talking and yearning for even more, so hopefully, Disney and Favreau will indulge our curiosities soon enough.

The Mandalorian will premier on Disney’s independent streaming service Disney+ at an unspecified date. Stay tuned for more information as it appears

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