Overwatch’s next hero was just revealed at this year’s BlizzCon 2018 through the animated short “Reunion”, which was presented on stage by the man himself, Jeff Kaplan. This cinematic centers around Mcree and a run-in with the Deadlock Gang, a crime group that specializes in trafficking weapons and military hardware. Once a member himself, our reformed cowboy squares off against his old gang, including our new character Ashe and the MVP, Bob. 

I’m honestly surprised at how Mcree’s iconic “High Noon” phrase was nowhere to be heard within the cinematic. Though. a subtle scene focusing on a clock as the minute hand stroke 12 o’clock was pretty good. And from the trailer, we can infer that Mcree and Ashe were close at some point in time. Though their different paths in life probably strained their relationship, whether that was a friendship or some romantic involvement we don’t know. We were also introduced to a new character named “Echo”, an AI with a past somehow connected to Overwatch. Not much else is known about “her”, but I’m sure people will dig up interesting lore and theories regarding this AI.


Now onto our brand new gunslinger Ashe, leader of the Deadlock Gang who holds a patent for the stylish. I’m down with her badass western motif as well as her loadout including a repeater rifle (I think), a shotgun, and a good ol’ stick of dynamite. Oh, and her Ultimate appears to be an assist call to the one and only Bob. Who flings his targets into the air like overturning a table and lets loose a barrage of bullets from those tanky, metal arms. I wonder if the recent release of Red Dead Redemption 2 has the Overwatch team in a cowboy kind of mood?

Overwatch is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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