Nintendo started out their “mobile initiative” in kind of a bad way with Super Mario Run. Then they bounced back big with Fire Emblem Heroes (which is still the best grossing game of the lot so far). Animal Crossing Pocket Camp came next and did well enough. Then, they teamed up with another team to make Draglia Lost, which has done surprisingly well in its time live. But, there’s been nothing about 1st party titles since Pocket Camp. Which is odd, because we know the name of the next title that’s supposed to release, Mario Kart Tour.

Though this was announced a long time ago, Nintendo has made no official mention of it since, which has struck gamers as odd. During their recent financial briefing, they did address it though.

The update on Nintendo titles is that development of Mario Kart Tour is currently progressing towards release during this fiscal year, as planned. Based on our past experience, the most important thing is not an application’s launch, nor its initial momentum, but whether consumers are going to continue playing the application. We will release more information about Mario Kart Tour once it is fully prepared to meet that challenge.

It’s hard to decipher what they are trying to say here at parts. It’s possible that they’re struggling with day-to-day gameplay, or that they’re wanting to make sure this game is a hit from word “go”. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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