With just a couple weeks until the PlayStation Classic releases, Sony has released a new trailer showcasing the games the retro console will contain. 

It’s a pretty neat trailer, and it certainly dishes out nostalgia in heaping portions. We’ve got Rayman and King running away from Metal Gear Rex. Swinging his sword around is Duke from Battle Arena Toshinden. And to cap it off there’s some road racing courtesy of Ridge Racer Type 4 and Twisted Metal. While it appears that not every game from the console is referenced (Didn’t spot any zombie hordes from Resident Evil), the trailer does feature nods to quite a few. 


Announced back in September, the PlayStation Classic will debut on December 3, 2018. Featuring 20 games and including two controllers, it will retail for $99.99. 

While Sony has released the full list of games, it’s worth mentioning that the classic console will include different games in Japan. This may explain why the trailer doesn’t feature characters from every game on the list. 

For those who have pre-ordered or plan on purchasing the retro console, this trailer should tide you over until next month’s 2018 trip back to 1994. 

PlayStation Classic

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