Enter Nanobotic, a free-to-play first-person shooter, and MOBA, developed by a dedicated three-man team over at FrozenPixel studio. And after three and a half years of development, will be released as early access on Steam, early into the month of December.


Taking place in the year 3018, long after the rise and global takeover by intelligent machine lifeforms. Planet Earth has been wiped clean of any life, including all of humanity… Due to an experiment that went haywire, resulting in mass disintegration within mere nanoseconds.

This hive mind, these nanoscopic beings, can render anything imaginable within an instant. From their environmental surroundings to various means of mass destruction. Humans seemingly stood no chance against such powerful technology.

However, on a planet devoid of all life, the surviving machines were left to their own devices and left without any purpose. To fulfill a sense of meaning and to satiate their boredom, the nanobots began waging endless war amongst their own kind. Manifesting themselves as armed robots, they fight on ever-changing battlefields. Wielding weapons adept at flexibility, adapting to new situations in a blink of an eye. Idle hands really are dangerous things, especially those outfitted with advanced technology. 


One day, something new and innovative befell the machines, after the infamous Nanobotic Disagreement, a rebellious minority managed an incredible discovery. A wormhole that could reach the living, breathing humans of years past could be reached via a wormhole.

The problem, however, was bandwidth limitations of the wormhole, 191980 bits per second only allowed small amounts of data to pass through. Luckily enough, the data was still enough to produce visualizations as computer graphics. Which means humans of the past (our current present) can control and manipulate machines of the future through a video game.


Nanobotic features first-person, multiplayer action (FPS MOBA) within an online, battle arena. The entire game will be simulated and run off of dedicated servers, in order to ensure a fair experience. 

Teams consist of five players who will share a collective goal of reducing the opposing team’s Base building to crumbling heap of junk. This Base building also acts as a functioning Bank for your team, which can be used to deposit or withdraw Nanobots (vital in-game resource). To accomplish your mission of destroying it, players will need to first clear out several rooms faithfully guarded by defensive turrets.

Every player will begin a match with a weak base weapon that exhausts no ammunition. Further weapons and customizations can be crafted by utilizing the vital “Nanobots” resource. These other weapons will take from you Nanobot reserve because they must materialize a projectile upon every shot fired. 


Crafting your preferred armory is a cinch, and can be performed from anywhere. Whether that be whilst airborne or running about on foot, you’ll always have quick access for your engineering needs. What makes the process even smoother is the lovely ability to used dedicated keys on your keyboard that can be separately delegated for specific weapon parts. And once you’ve built up an arsenal, you can enjoy the luxury of easily switching weapon parts however you deem fit. 

The key component to your crafting, your lifeline for creation and customization, is a hefty surplus of “Nanobots”. Nanobots will act as a form of resource or currency that dictates how much crafting you’re actually able to get done. This resource is earned by successfully landing shots on enemies, where the hit lands and the damage done will contribute to how much Nanobots you receive. You can even craft AI minions if you have the dough for it that is.


If a player has an available blueprint and the right amount of Nanobots on them, they’ll be able to create various AI minions that can possess a variety of different abilities. These robotic pals may feature healing properties, generate protective force fields, and even detonate upon death.

Interacting with your minions can lend to strategy by employing them to follow behind you or hold a position. These bots can also be dressed in a multitude of different skins, as too can weapons, and the player characters. Speaking of which…


As I’m writing this, there are only two playable characters currently selectable within the game. And the only true difference between them is their mode of movement; this is to avoid any class-types being superior to one another.  Which is reinforced by a shared selection of blueprints for weapon elements and minions for all characters.

Your playground within Nanobotic to house all of these gameplay mechanics are procedurally generated levels all containing destructible environments. Altering the terrain by destroying or restoring bits of the environment can help change the tide of battle. Or at the very least, earn you a few more Nanobots on the side. 


System Requirements (Recommended):

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10, 64-bit
  • Processor: 64-bit, 8 threads
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 1060 / RX 480
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 10 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Running @ 60+ FPS with high settings on 1080p

Nanobotic will be released as an early access title early into the month of December.

About The Author

Zachery Paikai

From the Hawaiian islands, Nanaue, the Prince of Sharks first appeared. This shark man was uncontested in terms of video game prowess. His notoriety of being a top-tier game wiz angered the envious locals and eventually forced Nanaue into exile. His hunger for competition and game knowledge grew as time past. This in tow, leads him to delve into the sea of writing and gaming culture.