There’s something about watching your favorite characters grow old and watch as everything they worked for slowly falls away that is just irresistible. Marvel gave us the first taste of that with Old Man Logan (and the very loose adaptation of it in the film Logan), but now we’re getting another aging hero: Peter Quill a.k.a Star Lord. 

Old Man Quill will follow the adventures of the aging Guardian of the Galaxy, the now failed emperor of Spartax, reuniting with his former teammates for one last job. Writer Ethan Sacks, best known for Old Man Hawkeye, will take on the story with artist Robert Gill.

However, for those new to the comics, this won’t be like the Peter Quill we’ve gotten to know in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

“We find Peter in a dark place, so don’t expect him to come out quipping one-liners,” Sacks tells Newsarama. “He’s a lot more haunted than we’re used to… at least at the beginning of his tale. This Star-Lord is a little bit reminiscent of the revenge-bent gunslinger that Steve Englehart first dreamed up in 1976.”

He will reunite with Rocket Raccoon and Ashley — Hawkeye’s estranged daughter from the previous comic — to complete this mission in the Wasteland and go head-to-head with more villains. The series will run for 12 issues and Sacks has hinted that there will be a few surprise cameos. 

Old Man Quill is set to fly onto shelves sometime in February 2019.

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