There are many reasons that people can say the Nintendo Switch is a success. Part is because Nintendo made a console that is truly portable and doesn’t sacrifice (much) to make that happen. It’s also because the Switch already has a fantastic 1st party, and even 3rd party, lineup despite not even being 2 full years old. But one of the biggest things that drives sales is the Nindies. The indie games that have come to the Switch and have done better than their counterparts on other systems.

Since launch, we’ve heard many stories about the indie success on Nintendo Switch. And now, via PAX Australia, we’re hearing more. Including from the team behind Death Squared:

“We could see we had great success. I think we said we sold more on Switch in three days than we sold on all the other platforms combined over like six months. Just from the response from that. So we came in July last year, so that was just after release. “

At one point, the team had a boost of sales that were 500% more than Steam was doing. That’s insane.

The team behind The Gardens Between were up next, and they had their own interesting stats to show off:

 The Gardens Between was released four weeks ago, it was released four weeks ago on Steam, PlayStation, and on the Switch. I think 60% of our sales have been on Switch so far, which is tremendous. I think I attribute that a bit to Nintendo’s help in terms of promoting the game and also that this new platform that people are really engaging in.

Finally, there was Putty Pals, who talked about how the Nintendo Switch sales blew out PC:

“With Putty Pals, we’re kind of in a similar boat to Ash of SMG where we’ve only been out for about eight months on PC, and then when we shipped on Switch, on the first day, it outsold the previous eight months on PC.”

Now, to their credit, each of these teams noted that their games were just one in a lineup of titles on Switch. Some have had great sales, some haven’t. But it seems that there are more success stories than failures coming out, and that’ll lead to more indie games at the very least being tested out for Switch.

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