An announcement was made by Square Enix’s Global Brand Director, Akio Ofuji, that Final Fantasy XV Game Director, Hajime Tabata, has resigned from his position and the company. Hajime Tabata was also part of Square Enix’s subsidiary company Luminous Productions. Tabata’s resignation resolved on October 31.

Tabata decided to leave the company to start his own business. He stated in an open letter that he was working on a new project and that this business would directly support that project.  Tabata was the head of Luminous Productions since it was founded back in March. The company; however, recently reported a huge loss of 3.73 billion yen (around $33 million) during a six month period ranging from March to September of this year. 

Final Fantasy XV originally launched for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in November 2016. Since then, it has received many updates including story packs for its characters, a co-op mode, and more. Recently, a Royal Edition of the game launched on March 6 for the same consoles which included all DLC from the initial season pass. A Windows 10 edition of the game also launched on March 6.

If you wish to see the special announcement concerning Tabata’s departure for the company, a video was made available on the official Final Fantasy XV YouTube channel, which you can watch below:

We wish Tabata good luck in his project. Hopefully, it is game related and we get to see what he can do outside of Square Enix and Final Fantasy.

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