Ridley Scott always seems to have something in the works, whether it’s returning to an old property or working on a new one, the man is constantly busy. This time around his time is being put to use bringing the next Gladiator film to theaters. Yes, that’s right, Gladiator is getting a sequel nearly two decades later.

If you’ve seen the Russell Crowe lead original you already know he will not be making a return for the second film. Instead of the grandstanding Maximus Decimus Meridius, the sequel will reportedly focus on Lucius, son of Lucilla and nephew to Maximus’ slayer Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix). The familial ties between the characters of the two films will likely play a major role in the upcoming sequel, which could provide yet another interesting and original take on ancient Rome.

Scott has reportedly tapped Peter Craig (The Town) to write the script, but beyond that, no cast and crew have been named. The movie is likely still in its infancy, but as more details emerge a more clear tale will be spun for the picture.

Five Oscars and $460mil at the box office later, Gladiator was a resounding success, so it’s no real surprise that Scott wants to return to the world. However, eighteen years is quite the leap, and there’s no real telling what vision the director has for the sequel. Regardless, we know just how capable Ridley Scott is, and his ability to reinvigorate old properties is consistently impressive. This was put on full display in his cryptic but effective Prometheus, the prequel to his renowned Alien franchise.

We will continue to report more information on the as yet unnamed Gladiator sequel, as there should be plenty for Paramount and Scott himself to reveal in the future.

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