Famitsu magazine recently sat with Tetsuya Nomura, game director for Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII Remake. In the interview, Nomura unveiled that after Kingdom Hearts III has released this upcoming January, Final Fantasy VII Remake will be the next PR focus for Square Enix. 

Also during the interview, Nomura wanted to clear up recent rumors about the game. It was started after some comments he made at the Artnia Cafe that lead those to believe that Final Fantasy VII Remake’s development had not started or had halted. This was also coming off of the heels of news and/or rumors that the game was taken away from its parent development studio and given to another studio to start all over with from scratch. Nomura stated that, just as he said at E3, development on the remake is progressing favorably.

This will come as good news to fans who have been waiting for news. We first received the announcement at E3 2015 and then got some additional screenshots about six months later. Since then, news about the much-anticipated title has been very sparse but it looks as if we will finally get some new information during 2019. One of the pieces of news fans are hoping for the most is a release time frame as Yosuke Matsuda said the game should be ready to release in the next three years. That statement was made in 2017.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released exclusively on the PlayStation 4. 

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