At this year’s BlizzCon event, Blizzard Entertainment announced Diablo Immortal for mobile devices.

Diablo Immortal is set to take place between Diablo II and Diablo III and looks to tell a number of untold stories. Blizzard didn’t give a release date for the game but stated that it will be out “when it’s ready.” The game will be available on iOS and Android devices with no current plans to launch it on PC. 

The story of Diablo Immortal is described by its official website as follows:

“The story of Diablo Immortal is set between the events of Diablo® II: Lord of Destruction® and Diablo® III®.The Worldstone lies shattered, yet great power remains within its corrupted fragments. Power that Diablo’s minions hope to harness to bring about the return of the Lord of Terror.The Archangel Tyrael is presumed dead, and mankind is left to deal with the aftermath of his actions. Fragments of the corrupted Worldstone taint the land, bringing forth ancient evils who are looking to harvest the stone’s power and use it to control humanity.”

Some of the stories the game looks to explore are the formation of the Demon Hunters, Adria/Maghda’s activities, what Leah and Deckard Cain have been up to, expanded lore on Baal, a backstory on Malthiael and the disappearance of the world stone.

There were six classes unveiled for the game:

Diablo Immortal Announced for Mobile Devices


Diablo Immortal Announced for Mobile Devices


Diablo Immortal Announced for Mobile Devices


Diablo Immortal Announced for Mobile Devices


Diablo Immortal Announced for Mobile Devices

Demon Hunter

Diablo Immortal Announced for Mobile Devices


According to the Diablo Twitter  “Every class in Diablo: Immortal has a set of 12 or more skills. The exact number varies from class to class. From those 12 skills you can choose which 5 you want to assign to an active skill button.” There will also be new skills for each class. There will be nine outdoor zones playable at launch which include some zones from older games that have been revamped. The goal of the game is for players to hunt down fragments of the missing world stone.

The outdoor zones will be shared so players will run into each other. Monsters killed in outside zones will respawn after a certain amount of times. Also, they stated that there will be dungeons in the game that will support up to four players. Monsters in dungeons will stay dead once killed. 

Skarn, Herald of Terror is being touted as the game’s main antagonist. The official website gives some details on Skarn as follows:

“The demon known as Skarn, Herald of Terror—once Diablo’s most powerful lieutenant—is rallying a new demonic army. Skarn intends to gather the fragments of the corrupted Worldstone and use them to resurrect Diablo, reigniting the Eternal Conflict between angels and demons. Skarn is not the only one hoping to seize the window that’s been opened by the Worldstone’s destruction; a fledgling Coven is at large, and dark cultists roam the land, spreading corruption wherever they go.”

As time goes on, Blizzard plans to update the game with new zones and classes, citing that they would like to add the Assassin and the Witch Doctor in the future. The game will also have social features and integration. For the hardcore players, sorry to say that a hardcore mode is not initially planned.

You can check out the trailer for Diablo Immortal along with some gameplay footage below:



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