Adi Shankar is at it again… this time, he’s tackling Capcom’s Devil May Cry series! At the moment, there are no real story details to be had. Adi Shankar; however, helmed the acclaimed Castlevania anime series on Netflix and even mentioned on giving The Legend of Zelda the same treatment in the future.

This is not Dante’s first foray into the anime world as Capcom partnered with Media Factory and Toshiba Entertainment to produce a 12-episode anime back in 2007. The subtitles for the anime became infamous when the demon lord Abigail was mistranslated as Bill Gale. One has to wonder if Adi Shankar will pay homage to the mistake which, sadly, became the only redeeming quality about the 2007 anime.

There is no word about an episode count or a release date as of yet.

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