Activision Celebrates Destiny 2 PC Milestone with Massive Giveaway

Destiny 2 has been on the PC for one year now, and Activision is celebrating this milestone by giving players an opportunity to become Guardians for free!

Announced at Blizzcon 2018, Destiny 2 on PC will be gifted to users between Friday, November 2nd and Sunday, November 18th. In order to receive the title, all players have to do is redeem the title at New users must activate SMS Protect before claiming the game. Once you claim the game, it’s yours to keep forever!

That’s not all, current Destiny 2 players will receive an exclusive emblem in December, that won’t be available anywhere else. New Guardians will have the opportunity to try out Destiny 2: Forsaken’s new mode ‘Gambit,’ a 4v4 hybrid activity during the weekend of November 9th.

We know Destiny players that want to play on PC expect an amazing experience, whether it’s on their own or with their friends — so, our paramount concern was to keep the discerning requirements of the PC community in mind, and welcoming the and Bungie PC communities together. With this gift, we look forward to seeing new Guardians in our universe.

Steve Cotton, Game Director – Bungie

Destiny 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC via Blizzard’s service.

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