Climax of Night: A Labor of Love and a Massive Fighting Game Tournament Success

Climax of night

I don’t think it’s a secret at all that the anime side of the fighting game community hasn’t been given the credit it deserves in the history of the community. Well recently that has changed and Climax of Night‘s grand debut has definitely cemented that in my eyes. 

Climax of Night is a new fighting game major that’s main focus is to become the home for all competition of French Bread produced fighting games and I speak for everyone when I say that focus was definitely attained last weekend. Shinobi and everyone that had a hand in this awesome event deserve a world of praise for delivering such a well organized and handled event for a community that hasn’t been given the time of day in the eyes of many.

A Real Labor of French Bread Love

Of course the tournament was well put together and headed but something that truly stood out to me and many others from the looks of much of the response from those that attended was the general vibe of the tournament. I kid you not, as soon as I stepped into the lobby where the cabinets and casual setups were held I immediately felt something that was mad different from other tournaments. From the house commentary, (Shinobi’s connections with so many members of the community and his general attitude towards all of this made this a huge highlight for me), to the crowd and players the event felt like we were all there just to do what we love. It was a beautiful thing to be apart of.

Climax of night climax of night climax of night

The Spectacle

Along with the vibe of straight up love that was in the air there was a huge feeling of a monumental occasion circulating the venue. Competitors from near and far came here to show just how strong they were in order to become the first victors of Climax of Night and let me tell you they definitely gave everyone a great show. Listen when grand finals of Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Ignition ends with a loli dunking on Shizuo Heiwajima you know you’re in for a treat.


climax of night dengeki

Each game from Melty Blood, to UNIST, to BBTAG was an amazing viewing time from start to finish with my personal highlight being Redblade vs the World which I refuse to spoil for anyone who missed it. I will simply link it HERE and say put some respect on Redblade’s name.

climax of night unist

To end things off here I wanna say first of all this tournament needs a sequel. I’m sure those that missed attending are praying for another event because I’ve been seeing a lot of remorse from those that weren’t there (cause you guys definitely missed a crown jewel of the season) and I feel for them. Second I wanna give a huge shout out Shinobi for not only making this event happen but also allowing me a chance to cover this event, and to the French Bread community for playing and supporting what they love and making this event possible. Not only are they the reason for this happening but many of them are the reason for some of the international competition being able to show up.  Majin Obama started a donation drive to fly out 2 of Japan’s best in the Under Night scene and the community made it all possible. The event wouldn’t be the same without them.

This community definitely showed that we need this event to return yearly and I’m sure that if there is another Climax of Night, Shinobi and everyone on deck to make it happen will deliver once again. Although I’m not sure they can top that godlike logo the event has, it’s way too sick.


If you’d like to watch anything from the event should you have missed it I highly recommend checking FunkyP’s stream archives and peeping what all the hype is about.

And speaking of hype there’s also a great hype reel compacted with tons of moments from the tournament you can check out.

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