Civilization VI will receive its second expansion early next year titled The Gathering Storm. The DLC is coming to PC  February 14, and will feature several new and interesting mechanics.

The aforementioned additions to the game are inherently different than other expansions we’ve seen in the past. With the inclusion of climate change Civilization VI has raised the bar it set for itself by actually changing how the game is played. Will it be worth using fossil fuels when weather patterns are drastically changing? What about when other civilizations attempt to push you sign green energy agreements? These important decisions and more will be present in The Gathering Storm, making it an incredibly dynamic shift for the game.

Another important addition the expansion will bring to the base game is the World Congress system. Brought back by player demand, the Diplomatic Victory condition has also been added, a feature the developer says would not be complete without the World Congress. Faith and Grievances will be the balancing forces in The Gathering Storm‘s diplomatic playground. The player will earn Faith to track their international standing and Grievances will be used to replace the Warmonger tally. The system will apparently create a more balanced system, allowing for some leeway from your cohorts in the World Congress if they deem that your aggressive actions were provoked or otherwise well deserved. Resolutions can be proposed with the help of Favor, and will include topics pertinent to the overall theme of climate change, such as deforestation or over-hunting.

Eight new civilizations and nine new world leaders will also be brought in to shake up the gameplay, giving players even more options to conquer the world one way or another. This expansion seems to be shaping up as a significant game changer as its new dynamic systems are exactly what fans have been requesting for a while now.

Keep your eyes out for Civilization VI: The Gathering Storm on Windows PC February 14, 2019. What a perfect Valentine’s Day gift to us all.

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