Black Mask Birds Of Prey

‘Birds Of Prey’ Casts Ewan McGregor As Black Mask

While the DC Comics movie universe, now called “Worlds of DC” may seem like it’s in a weird place, it does have some things going for it. Aquaman is building up buzz, SHAZAM! seems like a great flick, and the Joker film is garnering a lot of attention too. But the film that is starting to gain more and more momentum is the 2020 film Birds of Prey, staring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn leading a team of heroes and villains. All of which are female.

Most of the main team has been cast, but the villain was still a bit of a mystery. Rumors were that the villain of Birds of Prey would be Black Mask, a non-powered (though sometimes powered) villain from Batman’s Rogues Gallery. Well, The Wrap now confirms that to be the case, and he will be played by none other than Ewan McGregor. That’s right, Obi-Wan has gone to the Dark Side.

Not so ironically, McGregor was one of the names attached to the role of Black Mask for the film when rumors of the character being in the film emerged. Black Mask has been a longtime villain for Batman, but arguably his most famous moments were in things outside of comics. Like when he was one of the main villains in the animated film “Under The Red Hood” or his role in “Batman Arkham Origins”.

Either way, the Birds now have a top-notch villain to face when the film arrives February 7th, 2020.