DC Comics may not have had the biggest impact on 2018, but they are going to try and end it on a strong note with the arrival of Aquaman. Jason Momoa’s take on the character was teased back in Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice, and then shown in a supporting role in Justice League. But now, he gets his own film with James Wan as the Director, and early buzz for the film shows that it’s going to be a great take on the king of seven seas.

To help build even more excitement for the film, DC Comics and Warner Bros has released a special behind the scenes look at the Aquaman film. Complete with commentary on the film and its characters by both Jason Wan, Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, and more. 

One of the things they note is that there has never been a superhero movie like this one, and that’s accurate. No superhero film has been focused on the ocean, not even by Marvel. So there’s a lot of potential here for this to be a truly spectacular film.

You can check out the full featurette below, and be sure to check out Aquaman when it arrives on December 21st in theaters.

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