Achievements For Sunset Overdrive On Windows 10 Just Popped Up On True Achievements

We’ve been following the development of Sunset Overdrive and the last few weeks have been interesting. Not only with the game showing up on several rating sites, but most recently in SteamDB. Of course, the latter could just be someone messing around, since anyone can edit that site. Enter in the most recent turn of events!

The achievements for the game just showed up on the popular achievement tracking website, True Achievements. They were able to dig up these achievements, which are very similar to the original Xbox One version. But that’s not all.

They’ve also noticed that there’s a game hub setup in the Microsoft Store for the game. While it’s not accessible to the public, they were able to grab a screenshot of this. On it, it lists the game under the codename “Sunflower”. Sadly, there aren’t any system specs listed with this, or anything else useful for that matter. It does, however, instill some hope of the game’s existence.

Sunset Overdrive On the Windows Store

It’s been speculated that we’ll get an official announcement of the game during the upcoming Microsoft event, X018. Which happens to take place this weekend, November 10-11, 2018, in Mexico City. Hopefully, this proves to be correct as this title has been requested to come to the PC for quite some time. But will it happen? Well, with all the news and stuff that’s been uncovered, it’s looking like this just may happen.

Sunset Overdrive was easily one of the most fun and amazing games to be released on the Xbox One. Sadly, the game didn’t meet the expectations of Microsoft and that rumored sequel never happened. Now with this game coming to the PC, it could also mean that the title will get a second go at life. Not just for Windows but also on the Xbox One in the form of an enhanced update. Seeing it being re-released on the Xbox One, with 4K support or 1080p 60fps would be amazing as well. Especially since the original game ran at 900p and had a number of frame rate issues.

We’ll just have to wait until this weekend to see how it all turns out. Please be true, please true!

** We reviewed Sunset Overdrive many years ago. Be sure to check it out, here. **

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