Soulcalibur 6’s latest 1.02 patch addresses the game-breaking bugs afflicting both Voldo and Tira. The bug in question allowed both characters to access their Soul Charge with meter less than what is actually required. What this meant was that moves dependent on a “Soul Charge” activation which is an enhanced state a character enters when their meter is completely filled, could be accessed on a discount or completely free of charge as in Voldo’s case. While Soul Charge is active, characters have a variety of new abilities and moves which can really lend to winning a round or the entire match; this bug was definitely broken as all hell. And it affected both of my characters, which I didn’t mind all too much honestly…

Soul Calibur 6, patch 1.02

“Oh, this old Soul Charge? It was on sale of course!”

Aside from this much appreciated fix came the adjustment of unblockable attacks concerning Geralt and Tira. In specific situations, these two characters had unintended range regarding their unblockable moves. Patch 1.02 has swiftly corrected and normalized the range of said attacks.

The last fix was instated for an issue where Player Ranking Info would display incorrect player records. This fix is only pertaining to the PC version.

Patch 1.02 has already launched on PlayStation 4 (11/14/2018), but the Xbox One and PC versions will have to remain patient for a day or two more. The Xbox One version is slated to receive the update sometime between November 16-19th, and the PC version will see the patch hit on the 16th.

Here’s a quick summarization of the 1.02 patch notes:

  • The issue where Voldo and Tira could perform Soul Gauge-based moves with only half-filled or empty meter gauges has been fixed
  • Geralt’s and Tira’s unblockable moves with extended range has been corrected
  • The issue with Player Ranking Info has been fixed (PC only)

Soulcalibur 6 is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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