Though the Wii U didn’t have commercial success (the Nintendo Switch beat its lifetime sales in less than a year), that doesn’t mean it didn’t have a wide variety of games for people to play. In fact, despite having limited 3rd party support because of its sales, its 1st party support was pretty top notch. And with the launch of the Switch, many Wii U games have been ported or, and have been very successful on it. One big omission however is Xenoblade Chronicles X. For despite being one of the best games on the Wii U by far, it hasn’t been brought over…yet.

Why is that? It’s clear that the Xenoblade Chronicles community wants it, and given the success of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Torna The Golden Country, it goes to reason that Xenoblade Chronicles X would easily be a million seller on the system. So why hasn’t Monolith Soft brought it over? Well, it’s for a very simple reason. Time and money.

During an interview with USGamer, Tetsuya Takahashi talked about everything Xenoblade Chronicles, including a possible X port. To which he noted:

“Well, the future at present is unclear. Personally speaking, I’d love to play the game on the Switch, but it would be really difficult to make it. Money. It’s a massive game. Re-creating it would be really difficult.”

Those who have played the game will understand what he means. Xenoblade Chronicles X had a massive world that was meant to be a living entity and a story all its own. So to port that to Switch would take a lot of time and effort. Time and effort that would diverge the team from making the next game in the series. One that might be a sequel to X potentially.

What game do you want to see Monolith Soft make next? Let me know in the comments below.

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