When State of Decay 2 was released for the Xbox One and Windows 10, the game was greeted with a mixed reception.

While many, including myself, enjoyed the open world and the freedom it provided. Others were disappointed with the lack of Zed (zombies) variety and found the gameplay repetitive. Undead Labs then later released the  Independence Pack which provided multiple in-game items, and the Daybreak Pack. Sadly, this also caused frustration. While it provided new gameplay by pairing you up with other Red Talon’s agents, it didn’t add to the narrative of the game. Leaving many scratching their heads as to what was next for the game. Had Undead Labs given up on the game, after they were acquired by Microsoft?

Well, no. In fact, quite the opposite if the company is to be believed. While they stated in the past that they were fully committed to the title. We reached out to them a few days ago on Twitter to see if that stance had changed. Thankfully, it hasn’t and they’ve followed up that more content is coming.


So while we do know that we’ll see more content for State of Decay 2. We just don’t know when we’ll see it or what form it will be in. Patches and quality of life changes are the first to come to mind. Though some new gameplay updates would also be nice. Though I’m hoping that we’ll hear something during Microsoft’s upcoming gaming event that is taking place in New Mexico – X018

Either way, whatever new content we end up seeing, I hope it involves more narrative gameplay. While tossing in new game modes is nice, I play State of Decay for the stories and what happens survivors. But more than anything I was really hoping that after the first game, that the follow-up would introduce better story-telling and give us some closure. As it stands right now, the storytelling is alright but not being able to close the door on this chapter really bothers me. 

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