The World Ends with You Final Remix is the “final iteration” of the original game that came out on the Nintendo DS 11 years ago. The team behind it hope that the game will bring enough sales that they’re finally able to continue the story like they wanted to a decade ago. However, the journey will not be easy, as the game will have to adjust from the two-screen setup of the DS to the one screen (potentially) of the Nintendo Switch. 

The team has claimed that they are keeping things simple while adjusting to the Switch’s potential, which leads perfectly into the new trailer that they launched today called “Pinning Down Battle.”

As you can see, the classic Pin style of combat returns, but you also see some new twists on it when it comes to partner battles. The Noise from before are back and with new life. Another thing you might have noticed is the soundtrack, which is greatly expanded for the Nintendo Switch version.

All of this is pointing to The World Ends with You Final Remix being a true continuation/remaster of the classic game, and if it does well, the world may not “end” with the title.

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