From kicking ass as a world-class secret agent in the Kingsman series, to belting out classic ballads in his latest endeavor, it seems Taron Egerton is doing it all. Recently Paramount gave us a look into his glamorous next project with a trailer for the Elton John biopic Rocketman.

Slated for a mid-2019 release, the film will see Egerton as the superstar himself and will chronicle his studies at London’s Royal Academy of Music, as well as this rise to immense fame in the 1970’s. Earlier in the week, we were graced with our first look at Egerton’s Elton John as he sat on a private jet in a notably garish outfit- and frankly, we’d be dissatisfied with anything less.


The trailer gives us even more insight into the film’s narrative, offering a very genuine look into the life John lived off stage, as well as his epic presence in the limelight. The artist has never been one to shy away from the struggles which plagued him as a young artist, and thus Rocketman will delve into his battle with addiction among the other hardships he has endured over the years.

The singer will receive credit as a producer on the film, helping ensure the authenticity of the latest depiction of his life. Dexter Fletcher sits at the helm of the biopic in the director’s chair and leads a talented cast which includes Bryce Dallas Howard and Game of Thrones’ Richard Madden.

The candid nature of the film coupled with the clear talent and passion Egerton is bringing to the role means Rocketman could truly be something worth celebrating, as it looks every bit as fantastical as John’s renowned stage presence and performances. The long-awaited biopic hits theaters May 17, 2019, where we can see it in its fully realized, beautifully audacious glory.

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