When Super Smash Bros Ultimate was officially announced, the question we all had was, “Who was in?” Well, we already knew half the answer, as the game was going to feature EVERY character that had been in the first four Smash Bros titles, and then get some new characters too. According to director Masahiro Sakurai, the new characters wouldn’t be that plentiful this go around. But, if the leak that just happened is real, that’s not exactly accurate.

Granted, we don’t know that this leak is true, or accurate, but it appears to have come from a guy in France who works at a banner company who works for Bandai Namco…who is working on Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

So, IF this list is true…who got in? Well…


– Shadow
– Banjo-Kazooie
– Isaac
– Ken
– Mach Rider
– Geno
– Chorus Kids

Ironically, Shadow, Ken, Geno, and Isaac (from Golden Sun) have been rumored and “leaked” for a while now, especially Ken. So that’s not too surprising if they do get in. Banjo-Kazooie has been a requested character for some time, and Microsoft has said (as they own Rare and the character now) that they would be up for putting the duo in Smash.

The “outliers” if you will is Mach Rider and the Chorus Kids. Both are from their own franchise, but they aren’t exactly the most popular characters in the world. Some of you might not even know who they are period. While the Chorus Kids were rumored for Smash 4, they were ultimate part of a leak that proved to be not true. So them coming back, and adding Mach Rider of all tings, could be proof that this ISN’T 100% accurate. Furthermore, with the exception of Ken, if we were to take these as all new characters and not Echoes, that would be a large amount of new characters for Ultimate, which Sakurai said wasn’t going to happen.

With Super Smash Bros Ultimate coming December 7th, we’ll find out soon enough if this is real or not.


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