During the N64 era, there was a franchise that used the systems 4-player abilities to its fullest. No, it wasn’t Super Smash Bros or even Mario Kart, it was the Mario Party titles. These mini-game/board game titles put friend against friend in such a way that it was both funny, exciting, thrilling, and more. But, after Mario Party 3, the franchise started to go downhill. But then, with the launch of the Nintendo Switch, came a new chance at redemption via Super Mario Party.

And it got that redemption, for during the recent Nintendo Financial Briefing, it was revealed that in the month of October, Super Mario Party has sold 1.5 million units.

The good evaluations by consumers have been borne out by the recent sell-through. Global sell-through has exceeded 1.5 million units following its release on October 5. Super Mario Party had an extremely strong start compared to other installments in the series and has built up momentum ahead of the holiday season. We are also seeing an increase in Joy-Con sell-through with the release of this title.

Aside from being a rebirth of the Mario Party franchise, this is yet another 1st party title on the Switch that has sold over 1 million units. For 2018 alone, that means 4 1st party titles have reached that mark via Mario Party, Kirby Star Allies, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, and Mario Tennis Aces.

Nintendo expects the new Mario Party title to be an “evergreen” and sell for some time.

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