Starlink: Battle For Atlas may seem like just another Ubisoft game at first, but as many critics and fans have noted, if you look past the toys (which you can get digitally and thus get their boosts and rewards), the game is quite fun. But, as many have also noted, the Nintendo Switch version of the game is arguably the best version because of the exclusive Star Fox content. Thus, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that the Switch version is doing well in the UK.

How well did it do?

Well, Starlink: Battle For Atlas only made it to the #14 spot the week it came out. Not too impressive in context. However, of the sales that it made, according to GameIndustry.Biz, the Switch version made up 82% of those sales. 10% of them was on PS4, and 9% was on Xbox One. While it’s often common to see a divide in multiplatform games like this…clearly there was a notion of what version to get going in.

And it’s not really a surprise when you account for the love that fans have for Star Fox, and the desire for a “true” Star Fox game in the wake of the failure of Star Fox Zero on Wii U. In fact, some critics have said that Starlink is the Star Fox game we deserve, even calling for the team to make the next Star Fox game for Nintendo.

Whether that happens or not is up in the air, and obviously, we don’t have the numbers for the US or Japan for Starlink yet. But, if it continues as the UK numbers did, I think Nintendo and Ubisoft should take a hint.

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    Keith D. Mitchell

    Keep in mind that those sales don’t include digital – which is what most people on PS4 and Xbox picked up. Outside of those on the Switch, because Starfox is too good to pass up.

    Though, I wonder why they keep putting out lists like this. Physical game sales have been dropping more and more. And seeing how they usually don’t provide digital sales, reporting on just physical games paints a false image on actual game sales.