You’re aware of the phrase “type cast”, right? It means that a person is so good at a certain role, that they’re cast over and over again in that role via various films and TV shows. Well, for Sean Bean, he’s known for doing very dramatic pieces…and then dying, emphatically and often times epically. In fact, there are very few shows and movies in which he does not die (National Treasure is one of them, The Martian is another). But now, for Hitman 2, he’s going to be in the game…and your job is to kill him.

That’s right, one of your jobs in Hitman to is to kill Sean Bean. Granted, you’re not “actually” killing him, but rather, his character, Mark Faba. In his reveal trailer, we see Bean as Faba venting to his therapist about how many times he’s “died”, and how he’s always escaped them, and how he’s turned the tables on people by using the simplest of things to make deadly devices.

At the end, we see him to talk to Agent 47, and proclaim that he’ll see him in Miami, where the contract you’ll do will take place.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of the upcoming Hitman 2 video game” said Bean in a recent press release, “It’s always exciting to take on a new role, and I look forward to seeing my character in action when the Elusive Target mission launches.”

Hitman 2 releases November 13th, with the first Elusive Target mission beginning on November 20th.

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