Overwatch World Cup Jerseys Now Available

‘Just’ in Time

The clock is ticking down to BlizzCon 2018 and the 2018 Overwatch Word Cup.  While those who have tickets are packing their bags and checking their flight plans, the folks watching from home have also been watching the Blizzard Gear store.  Exclusive merchandise for fans who have the virtual ticket recently became available for purchase and this included some apparel for the Overwatch World Cup.  What it didn’t include was any of the team jerseys.  That changed today.  

A tweet from Team USA today announced that website INTO THE AM now has jerseys available:  

Overwatch League fans will remember INTO THE AM as the site that offered player and personalized OWL jerseys as well as ones from the All-Star Weekend. If the jerseys they have for the Overwatch World Cup are similar to those then we’re looking at a quality product.  

The Details

A plain jersey will run you $60.00 before shipping.  If you want your jersey personalized then it’s going to cost you $100.00.  Finally, if you want a specific players’ jersey you can get it for $70.00.  These player jersey options also include the coaches, community leads, and general managers from the national teams.  So if you were looking for an Aero USA jersey (and why wouldn’t you, he’s the best) it can now be yours.  

More than just the final eight teams are on sale too.  All 24 of the teams from the group stages have their jerseys available.  So while it may be too late to wear the Thailand jersey as you cheer them on, you can still get a jersey of Dennis Hawelka Award winner Mickie.   

Eight different sizes are available from XS to 4XL.  Comparing my medium Pacific All-Star weekend jersey (from INTO THE AM) to my medium Houston Outlaws jersey (from Blizzard) I found that the INTO THE AM jersey fit a bit closer to the equivalent t-shirt size then the Blizzard jersey so keep that in mind when your choosing the best size for yourself.  The website gives you a notice when you select your size that these jerseys are handmade.  The note also mentions that the product will ship in 10 business days.  Again, going off my experience ordering from them this likely means ten business days before it ships so factor that into your shipping selection.  It’ll be close, but if you order soon you’ll probably get it in time for the games.  

Personally, I had just about given up hope of getting a team USA jersey in time for the BlizzCon matches.  As someone who won’t be there in person, I had even begun to worry about getting one at all.  Making these jerseys available and just soon enough to (probably) get it in time for the playoffs at Blizzcon solves both these problems for me, and anyone who was looking for a way to wear their support for their national team.  You can find all of these jerseys at the INTO THE AM site.