It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about Elastic Game’s asymmetrical horror title Last Year: The Nightmare. Back in 2016, the team released the first teaser, which hyped up a new take on the burgeoning multiplayer horror genre. Since then, news on the game has been all but silent as the grave. At PAX East this past spring the studio had a demo of the game, showing it alive and well. It seemed to be running smoothly, so I anticipated more information soon. And now we have it, in the form the first full trailer:

While there’s still no word on a release date, it’s at least good to know that the game is actively being worked on. Interesting, it will first release on Discord, typically a social media platform. However, Discord announced this summer that it will start selling games as well. Last Year: The Nightmare looks like it may be one of the first big releases on the platform. 


Like other asymmetrical horror games, players will take on the role of either a teenager trying to survive or the killer hunting them down. Last Year: The Nightmare currently features five high schoolers to choose from and three killers for five versus one matches. Setting itself apart from similar games in the genre, the horror title also has a class system for the survivors and a predator system for the killers in which they can lay traps. In the build I played at PAX, I noticed that survivors also have chances to respawn after death.

Last Year: The Nightmare will first debut on Discord for $29.99. After a 90 day period of exclusivity, it will release on other stores as well.

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