The Abyss (v1.7) is the latest update coming to No Man’s Sky, which features a reimagining of underwater gameplay. This update boasts aquatic environments with over five times the variety, varied creature behaviors, improved underwater visuals, and much more.  An eerie world now awaits exploration on the ocean floor, with more frequent appearances of alien sea life and dangerous encounters with uniquely terrifying creatures. If nautical nonsense is something you wish, then dive in with your submersible down into The Abyss.

A new story, Dreams of the Deep, brings new context to the ocean depths and a darker narrative to No Man’s Sky. This underwater adventure will contain aquatic missions that any seafarer can appreciate. Such as discovering the fate of an unfortunate crew stranded due to a freighter crash caused by rising tides, or exploring ruins to uncover the tale of a lost soul trapped deep beneath the waves.

No Man's Sky update, The Abyss.

Partake in aquatic missions, or swim about aimlessly and discover treasures as you explore the sea.

An unforgiving sea claims many different things from the world above, and this translates to more discoveries for the player to stumble upon. The Abyss holds ancient ruins, submerged buildings, and gigantic freighter wrecks all rife for plundering. Whether it’s scavenging the freighters for lost cargo, excavating buried treasure with your trusty terrain manipulator, or restoring rare starships from the seabed, the ocean floor is your oyster.

No Man's Sky update, The Abyss.

A world unknown and forgotten will be met with you on the ocean floor. Be sure to snag a souvenir or two while you’re there!

To fruitfully wander the depths of the ocean, a new Exocraft called the Nautilon will act as your protective, submersible vehicle. This bad boy brings new meaning to underwater navigation, combat, and mining. The Nautilon can be summoned to any ocean on the planet and can also be docked at underwater buildings. And of course, those of us who enjoy adding our own personal flair to things can indulge in tailoring the Nautilon with upgrades via installable Submarine Technology and customization options.

No Man's Sky update, The Abyss.

Outfit your submersible with upgrades and customization to make it your own.

To conclude this aquatic update, we have the submersible building modules. Over a dozen new base parts including new glass corridors, viewing base panels, and multistory submersible view domes have been added to allow for some creative construction for your very own Marine Shelter. Players can even bring in aquatic life to liven up their underwater refuge with a decorative indoor aquarium.

No Man's Sky update, The Abyss.

The ocean sure is beautiful, but having your own personal Marine Shelter to dry off in is nice too.

The sea is the limit in this free update coming to No Man’s Sky later this week. 

No Man’s Sky is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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