The Pokemon universe is alive and well. Between the anime, manga, card game, GO, and the upcoming Nintendo Switch title Let’s Go, all is going strong with the franchise. But, for those who aren’t interested in Let’s Go, they know that Game Freak is working on a “main” title for the Switch that should arrive late next year. And unlike Let’s Go (which is very restrictive in who you can catch and use), it will feature the ability to port in past generations of Pokemon.

This comes from Junichi Masuda, who emphasized that the team at Game Freak truly are working on making this possible, and said the following in an interview:

“We’re definitely always thinking of that kind of forward-moving functionality, especially since we’ve introduced Pokemon Bank. Now, up to Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, you’re able to store your Pokemon, and we know they’re very important to everyone. I mean, obviously, people would be very sad if they couldn’t use their Pokemon in a future game. So, it does get complicated when you talk about the details and we’re still figuring it out, but we do have plans to find ways to let players use their Pokemon in the next game.”

Does this give you confidence in what the core title will be like? Or, do you think that you need to hear more details before making a decision? Let us know in the comments below.

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