Mixer Has Been Teasing Us For Days About Some New Change

But what exactly is it?

For the past few days, Microsoft’s streaming platform Mixer (formerly known as Beam), has been teasing its users. It started on Oct. 25th, when this cryptic tweet first appeared.

Watching the video, nothing really stands out other a multi-colored explosion. An outline of a spark over a piece of crystal, which happens to be the concurrency you earn when you either watch or stream on the platform. Followed up with the number two, which led to people speculate that Mixer was going to get a sequel of sorts. Or the platform possibly giving out double sparks which would be weird since sparks don’t really do much at the moment. Nothing, of which has been confirmed or denied by anyone close to the platform.

Shortly after the video appeared, multiple partners on Mixer started appearing in the Mixer subreddit as well as several Twitter posts. Claiming they know what’s going on. I’ve asked a few directly and they’ve all said the same thing- they weren’t going to tell me. Of course, I had to try, right? Since then I’ve noticed more posts from those very same partners, showing off a package they received from Mixer. 

Obviously, none of the recipients have shown the world what exactly is in the box. But judging from the size of the box, anything could be in there. A bunch of cool swag or even some gaming accessories. To give you an idea of the size of the box. From pictures I’ve seen, it looks almost as big as a USPS priority mail small flat rate box.

However, it looks like the tease is about to be over, as Mixer themselves have stated that we’ll finally see what this “2” means, tomorrow. 

“Interactive streaming like nothing you’ve ever seen. Until tomorrow… when you can actually see it”, is the final tease.

Which can mean anything. It could be features that both streamers and viewers on the platform have been asking for. Things like timers that can be set for when a stream is about to start, instead of the use of 3rd party utilities. Or a calendar that can be updated so streamers can announce their streaming schedule. That often requested saving clip option gets released for everyone, not just partnered streamers. Things like that. More importantly, whatever this announcement or update is, it’s something that isn’t just a cosmetic update. Especially since Twitch recently had their string of announcements regarding upgrading their feature set – including a co-streaming option that was announced at TwitchCon 2018. Which just happened to be one day after Mixer started their teasing spree.

Whatever happens tomorrow, I really hope for isn’t just changes to the platform, but how it operates. As much as I enjoy Mixer as a streaming platform, it bothers me at times. The empty follows that come with their HypeZone, as well as the lack of diversity when it comes from streaming on anything other than an Xbox console. While Mixer isn’t an Xbox only service, since it’s owned by Microsoft, it has developed by no fault of its own, a nasty stigma. Partly because when people think gaming and Microsoft, they think Xbox. So, therefore, Mixer is only for Xbox streamer. Ask anyone who regularly streams to Mixer with either a PlayStation, Switch, PC or another system. Chances are they’ll get asked if whatever they’re playing is on Xbox and can someone join them. If the reply is “No, I’m not playing on Xbox”, it typically ends with either a friendly reply or that viewer dropping from the stream. As well as that follow that may have been bestowed previously from that viewer. Which I really find disheartening as I enjoy streaming to Mixer and I’m a predominately a PC gamer. 

Sure, getting Mixer apps on both the PlayStation consoles and possibly the Switch would help. Though, as much as Mixer has stated they’d love to see that happen, we don’t see that happening. At least not anytime soon.

Mind you, we have no idea what’s going to occur tomorrow. Either way, I’ll be watching to see how it all unfolds, along with the rest of those on Mixer. Here’s to hoping it’s definitely something that benefits everyone.