Capcom announced that their recently revived Mega Man franchise will be receiving a live-action movie adaptation. While a release date has not been announced, Capcom did state that the film will be written by Henry Joost and directed by Arial Schulman. The duo previously worked on the films Catfish and Paranormal Activity 3. 20th Century Fox will be producing the movie with Capcom’s supervision.

The movie is a continuance of Mega Man’s 30th-anniversary celebration. While a plot for the film hasn’t been announced as of yet, Capcom stated in a press release that they look to use this movie to appeal to a diverse audience which includes both Mega Man fans and action movie fans alike. They also stated that the adaptation will maintain the world of the Mega Man games while incorporating Hollywood production and entertainment values. 



Editor’s Note: As a long-time Mega Man fan… and by long-time, I mean since the very first Mega Man game in 1987, I weep for the Mega Man community with this announcement. Video game movie adaptations have had a very poor history and Hollywood hasn’t exactly had a track record of producing adaptations that satisfy a fan base. Just looking at superhero movies over the past decade, there are some where they hit the mark pretty well and others that have failed miserably. Not only does that make me nervous but I also can’t see Mega Man in a live-action adaptation. I don’t think a series like that is made for live-action. I’m willing to give it a chance but any hope I have of this looking or feeling like Mega Man is extremely slim to virtually non-existent.

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