Everything we know about PS4 Red Dead Redemption 2 So Far

We are now one week away from the release of Rockstar’s highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2. After two delays, we’re now closer than ever to the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Red Dead Redemption. The more story trailers and gameplay footage that we see, the better the game looks. With all Rockstar branches working together on this prequel, it’s become clear that this is their most ambitious title yet. Today’s launch trailer is only one minute long, but there is something interesting about this trailer in particular…

In the third official story trailer, we learned that Red Dead Redemption’s protagonist John Marston would be a featured character in the prequel. This is only natural, as Red Dead 2 follows Dutch Van Der Linde’s gang of outlaws – the same gang that John is forced to hunt down and bring to justice in the first game. However, it was unclear if John’s voice actor, Rob Wiethoff, would be returning to reprise his role. After all, he retired from acting shortly after working on Red Dead Redemption. This trailer all but confirms his return – if you go to the 0: 39-second mark, you can hear Wiethoff’s distinct voice in an interaction between Arthur and John. It’s that, or they found someone that can do a damn good impersonation. 


In anticipation of the game’s release, here’s a list of links on everything we know about the game so far…



Red Dead Redemption 2 releases Friday, October 26th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One