How’s That E-Win Racing Chair Holding Up After Eight Months Of Usage

Earlier this year, popular racing gaming chair maker, E-Win Racing, contacted me and wanted to know if I wanted to review one of their chairs. Of course, I agreed and after a bit of time, the chair was delivered to me. That was nearly eight months ago. So I got to thinking. Since we’re getting closer to the 2018 shopping holiday, I know a bunch of people might be looking to scoop one up. Or possibly asking Santa for one. So I figured, why not recap how my experience has been with my chair so far.

Now, keep in mind my experience has only been with the E-Win Racing Hero Series Gaming Chair

To be completely honest, I haven’t had many issues with the chair. It’s still semi-comfortable. When I say that, I mean that if I sit in the chair for 5-6 hours, I’m fine. But if I’m in it any longer I really need to get up and walk around. That said, I did have to contact E-Win Racing on two occasions to get parts replaced. The first was during May 2018 when I noticed that the chair started exhibiting a loud creaking noise. After contacting E-Win Racing, they stated it was an issue with the tray and promptly sent out a replacement within a few days. 

The second issue I encountered was when my left chair arm broke. I was adjusting it and it went, with the arm coming clean out of the mechanism. Needless to say, I wasn’t too thrilled about that and I contacted E-Win Racing once again. Just like last time, they immediately addressed my issue and sent out a replacement. 

Two mechanical issues, both resolved all by one or two emails to E-Win Racing. Which speaks volumes to their customer service. And as a test, I didn’t contact our contact with the company. Instead, I went through the normal customer support channels. I didn’t want preferred treatment and thankfully I didn’t need to. My cases were handled by two different representatives and both times they took care of me. Kudos on the customer service.

Everything else works as it should. The chair adjusts up and down, it leans forward and backward just fine. I haven’t had any issues with the casters, and the chair is still sturdy. 

Now, that all said, I do have one complaint with the chair. I’ve noticed that the fabric has started to peel. Which means is just a matter of time before it gets worse and I’ll either have to start placing tape on the chair. Or getting it replaced completely. I haven’t contacted E-Win Racing just yet, as I wasn’t sure if this would be covered.

Update: Apparently the leather is covered, so I will be contacting the company soon.

All in all, I’m still completely satisfied with the chair. And that’s not because I received the product for free. I was already on the hunt for a chair back then. It would also be really bad of me to provide opinions based on getting stuff for free – we don’t do that around here. It’s an amazing value for the price, and the customer support has been perfect. If you’re looking for a gaming chair, definitely check out what E-Win Racing is offering. 


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