Futuristic Racing Game Xenon Racer Has Its Wheels Firmly Planted On The Ground

A new arcade racing game called “Xenon Racer“, has been announced for the PS4, Xbox One, PC and the Nintendo Switch. 

Yes, it’s a futuristic racing game – however, this one has a twist. Instead of flying cars,  this game features cars with wheels! In fact, the whole premise of the game is that this is the final old-school wheeled car race because the age of flying cars finally takes over. Your typical going out with a bang ordeal.

In an era of flying vehicles, a last one-off championship for traditional wheeled vehicles has been organised, with cutting edge electric cars boosted by Xenon gas. Rushing through treacherous turns as bright neon lights flash by, players drift through the futuristic streets of cities like Tokyo and Dubai. Resisting massive G-forces, they’ll have to demand the utmost of technology to race at breakneck speeds in the pursuit of eternal victory.

The title is being developed by 3DClouds.it, who recently released their cutesy racing title, All-Star Fruit Racing. While the game wasn’t my kind of game, I’ve heard nothing not positive reviews for it. Not bad for their first racing title.

We’ll know more about the game this upcoming weekend as the game will be shown off at the Fiera Milano, which is held in Italy from Oct 5-7. What better place to show it off than the home of the Italian Grand Prix – the longest and widely known Formula One racing events.

Honestly, the trailer reminds me a lot of Ridge Racer 7, which is a good thing. In fact, it’s nice to see an arcade racer that actually features wheels that come into contact with a surface and power sliding around corners. Hell, if it plays just as good as the Ridge Racer series, we all may be in for a very nice surprise.

I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes on this title.

Xenon-Racer-Screenshots1 Xenon-Racer-Screenshots2 Xenon-Racer-Screenshots3 Xenon-Racer-Screenshots4

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