When Nintendo ordered up their IPs to be part of a new “mobile initiative”, it was going to be interesting to see what worked, and what didn’t. Ironically, Mario’s foray into the mobile market didn’t work out so well despite a great start. Yet, their second game, Fire Emblem Heroes, is without a doubt their most successful mobile title, and despite it being 20 months old, it’s continuing to be successful in every way that is measurable.

If you don’t believe me, believe Sensor Tower, who monitors these things. They’ve noted that in the month of September, Fire Emblem Heroes made $16.8 million dollars. In just one month! That’s incredible. Especially when you consider that at present, the game has a little over 14 million downloads. 

Now, in terms of where the money itself came from, $9.1 million came from Japan, which is absolutely adoring this game. The country also saw a big spike in downloads, which no doubt helped the total.

Intelligent Systems is continuing to bring new characters, events, and more to the game, so at this rate, it’ll be making a lot more money before the next main title comes out on Nintendo Switch. And if its popularity holds out, it goes to reason that the Switch title will be very successful.

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