Earthfall is receiving a hefty update which releases on October 30th that is filled to the brim with content to ensure more alien carnage. The “Invasion” update includes a new game mode called “Invasion”, a new Player Progression system, new perks, new abilities, and even remastered audio for weapons. And all of this content won’t cost you a dime, yes, it’s all absolutely free.

Let’s begin with the introduction to the Player Progression system, Skills, and Perks then shall we? The newly implemented Player Progression system grants players the ability to further their skills while being rewarded with new and entertaining ways to play. Each new level the player gains will allow you to unlock new outfits, weapon skins, weapon charms, and timed experience boosts for both yourself and your team. A little spice of flavor to your gameplay is possible as well if you wish to earn skills by completing specific in-game tasks. A few abilities to earn include decreasing reload time, reviving yourself, dual wielding mp5s and escaping a pin from the Thresher enemy by jamming a grenade into its mouth. You can see the latter two skills in action with your own eyes down below:



Now onto the newly added game mode, Invasion. The Invasion mode is a survival game type where players will battle hordes of aliens wave after wave, desperately trying to avoid the clutches of death from these extraterrestrial monsters. Successfully fending off a wave will give you credits which can be used to unlock perks like using 3D printers to print out powerful weaponry, enabling traps, and obtaining helpful buffs. This new mode will also feature four new maps, three of which have already revealed.

Three of the four maps include Satsop Nuclear Facility, Raven Roost, and The Mines. 

Satsop Nuclear Facility is well, a nuclear facility. The map itself is actually modeled after a real abandoned nuclear facility located just southwest of Seattle, Washington. Satsop Nuclear Facility is heavy on deadly traps; you can employ the likes of lightning emitters and automated turrets to aid you. And as you progress through the waves on this map, more and more sections of the nuclear reactor room will open up to you, granting players access to new armaments.

Raven’s Roost is a remote radio tower which features two main buildings. The first of which has no Healing Station whatsoever, so it may be wise to be stingy with your Medkits until you and your teammates have access to the second building. This second building won’t just offer you a Healing Station, but a Location Drill too. Finding this drill may reap great rewards so be on the lookout for this device. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the first building does offer something useful. An infinite supply of 3D printable landmines. An explosive tool to fend off the aliens for sure.

Our final map revealed to us is named “The Mines”. Which, as one would expect takes place deep down with a mineshaft. Waves of aliens will descend upon players from a single mining tunnel. Power plays will take place in-between waves on this map. During this time, a player can run to the new kiosks to select perks or head further down the tunnel to bust open one of four cages. These cages hold an array of grenades, grenade launchers, alien weaponry, turrets and more. Many useful goodies are kept within these cages, however, they are located in a precarious place. They happen to sit right where the not-so-friendly aliens happen to spawn. So it’d be wise to issue caution when going for a cage to loot.

That covers the update for Earthfall releasing within just a few days come October 3oth. A large bundle of post-launch content completely free of charge. Seems like a good deal if you’re currently digging Earthfall.

Earthfall is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 

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