Super Smash Bros Ultimate is less than two months away, and Nintendo Switch owners are thrilled that certain things and characters are making it into the game. Well, now you can add another character to the list. Or more accurately, a transformation of a character, for a special anime-only (until later on when it was DLC) version of a certain Pokemon is coming to Ultimate.

For those who watched and love Pokemon XYZ (like I did), you’ll know that Ash’s Greninja wasn’t just epic, it was special. It could connect with Ash on a special level that allowed it to transform into Ash-Greninja. Well, in an update on the Japanese Smash Bros Twitter handle, they confirmed that in its final Smash, Ash-Greninja will appear.

While this may not be the most important update for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, it is one that will get plenty of fans smiling. Including me.

The game arrives on December 7th.

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