Nintendo has a very interesting history when it comes to ideas. Some of them, like certain consoles, handhelds, and accessories, have been really good. But then, you also get things like the eReader, Virtual Boy, and Wii U. However, one of the undeniable good things that came from the Wii U was the arrival of the Amiibo. Figures made to look like Nintendo characters and enact special features in video games. They were popular in the Wii U era, and that popularity has continued with the Nintendo Switch era.

This was proven via the recent Nintendo financial briefing, where Nintendo noted this about the figures:

Amiibo represented the first example of our use of our own IP, and amiibo figure total sell-through has reached approximately 50 million units.

This is a very impressive number, and indicative of the craze that people have over the figures. What’s more, Nintendo made sure to make good use of them via not just Smash Bros, but Mario, Mario Party, Kirby, Splatoon, Mega Man, Shovel Knight, and more. And now, with the upcoming arrival of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, more Amiibo figures are coming, and they’ll no doubt sell well too.

What are your favorite Amiibo figures, let us know in the comments below!

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