War of Infinite Panels, Issue #15 – “Superior Foes of Comicsgate” (9/16/18)

This month on War of Infinite Panels, Julz Chan and Matt discuss the recent departure of actor Henry Cavill as Superman, the return of Superior Spider-Man, the marriage of the Fantastic Four’s Ben Grimm, and shenanigans and acts of annoyance within the comic book community by ComicsGate and their most vocal contribute Richard Meyer (also known as Diversity & Comics). 

If our viewers wish to proceed to a specific talking point, please see the following time markers:

1:44 – Henry Cavill dropping the role of Superman
11:14 – Superior Spider-Man returns
16:06 – Ben Grimm gets married
21:10 – Comicsgate shenanigans and Richard Meyer (Diversity and Comics) being annoying

Comic Recommendations 

JSA, Book 3 – Written by Geoff Johns and David Goyer and illustrated by Stephen Sadowski

The Fix, Vol. 3 – Written by Nick Spencer and illustrated by Steve Lieber

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    Thanks for putting down Richard Meyer’s nonsensical rhetoric as well as seeing it for what it is.