Mythical Pokemon Meltan Revealed for Pokemon Go

In a previous article, we reported on sightings of an odd, unknown Pokemon in the world of Pokemon Go. As it turns out, there was indeed a method to the madness: Pokemon Go has come out with an explanation.

The new Pokemon is called “Meltan.” It resembles a Ditto, with its gellatinous gray body, but it has a golden mechanical nut as a head, and one ball-bearing for an “eye.” It also seems to possess a strange tail of severed wire. The exact origins of this Pokemon are still unknown, but the language of the recent announcement declares it to be a Mythical Pokemon.

For now, Meltan itself is not available for catching. Instead, the announcement issues an unconventional call to action: “Sightings of Ditto that have transformed into Meltan are still being reported. If you haven’t encountered one, it’s time to get out there and GO!”

Meltan hasn’t appeared in any previous games, meaning that Pokemon Go is its debut. Therefore, we’re still on-track to see Meltan as the exclusive new Pokemon mentioned for the Let’s Go series. With November 16th coming up fast, it shouldn’t be too much longer before we start seeing Meltan itself in-game.

For more information, check out the official Pokemon Go announcement, and join the game with the Pokemon Go app.

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