When it was announced that The World Ends With You Final Remix would be coming to the Nintendo Switch, many were very excited. The original game on the Nintendo DS was a cult classic and praised by critics and gamers alike. However, despite that praise, it’s only gotten ports in the 11 years since its release, including Final Remix on Switch. But that being said, Final Remix will feature new content for the first time via the “New Day” scenario. But that might not be all that’s offered…

For you see, Tetsuya Nomura, who worked on both versions of the game as a Producer and Character Designer, seems to be indicating that this Switch game won’t be the end…but a beginning. For during a special show in Japan, he noted this:

“This release, 11 years later, is entirely thanks to the dedicated fans of ‘The World Ends With You’. Rather than call this a ‘remaster’, I like to think of this version of the game as a ‘new beginning!’ I will be working hard on future development that will make you glad that you supported this game so passionately for so long.”

Is he teasing a sequel? A true sequel? It certainly seems that way, but no doubt it’ll just depend on how The World Ends With You Final Remix will do when it comes to Nintendo Switch on October 12th.

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