Suda 51 Explains Why Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Is Pushed to 2019

Well it’s a interesting reason…

Suda 51 or Goichi Suda, Director of No More Heroes and CEO of Grasshopper Manufactures , gave a reason on why delaying Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes in a recent interview with Destructoid from PAX West. It was originally to be released in 2018, so why the delay? Here is his reason:

So, as you know, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is coming out in December. I’d feel really bad about impacting their sales negatively. I’ll give them a break and move it over into next year.

Right…and I have a beam katana in my closet.

It’s safe to say that they didn’t want to directly compete with a heavy hitter like Smash Ultimate in the same time period. In my opinion, it wouldn’t affect Smash sales as since the No More Heroes series has been a niche series for the fans. However, this will give them a bit more time to polish up the product. For that reason, I do not mind the delay.

Is it a sign of confidence or a bit of ego that Suda said that he’ll give Smash Bros. a break and move the Travis to next year? Did he think that it could’ve compete with Smash Bros. ? We’ll never know for sure, as Suda 51 is a bit of a maverick in the industry. Given his track record like Killer 7, Let it Die, Shadows of the Dammed, and Lollipop Chainsaw,  needless to say, he always has something fresh. Whether it is a good or bad idea, we’ll just have to wait until the product’s release. 

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes will be released on January 18, 2019 for Nintendo Switch.

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