Street Fighter V is getting an actual arcade release

Street Fighter V: The Actual Arcade Edition

It seems that Capcom’s flagship fighter, Street Fighter V, has been going through a resurgence of sorts.

Multiple patches and updates have course corrected the game and the FGC has been enjoying what Capcom has gone as of late. But no one could prepare us for what Capcom was planning to do next. Which was announce an actual arcade version of the game during the Tokyo Game Show 2018 Premier Event for the Capcom Pro Tour.

Which is exactly what Capcom did. 

Yes, this is has been confirmed. Capcom is releasing an arcade version of Street Fighter V, which several tests already planned for October 2018. According to several tweets I’ve seen going around, the test locations will be at the following area; Taito Station Shinjuku South, Nagoya Leisure Land, Sega Namba Avion Osaka, Round One Fukuoka, and Plaza Capcom Kichijouji. Following the testing, we should see it being released in 2019. 

Sadly, I doubt we’ll see this release outside of Japan, especially in North America. With the arcade scene being at an all-time low, I can’t see this Street Fighter V Arcade being released in the states. Hopefully, corporations such as Dave & Busters and, Round One and Main Event, pick up on this and decide to bring over the game. 

Either way, it’s pretty cool to see that Capcom is finally bringing the game to the arcades. I can only hope it makes its way over here.

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