Someone leaked A screenshot of Resident Evil 2 Remake’s Ada Wong and Capcom is pissed

Here we go again with the leaks

Someone leaked a screenshot of an updated design of Ada Wong in Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 Remake. And Capcom isn’t too thrilled about this one bit. In fact, it’s been reported on several internet forums and Reddit that the company has started going after anyone who’s showing the image or using it in a video.

Given that Capcom hasn’t shown Ada Wong at any recent gaming event, it was pretty much telling us not to touch it. Rightfully so, after seeing Capcom threating legal action against the person or persons that made this happen. Which apparently was due to a Chinese company that broke the NDA between them and Capcom. I’d really hate to be in their shoes right about now.

As for ROE/Resident Evil Network, I feel bad about the strike. They’re super passionate about Resident Evil and I enjoy their content over on YouTube. Sadly, they got caught up in something that normally isn’t a big deal. Except for this time, Capcom isn’t playing around.  I’ll even say that it might have been better if Capcom had contacted them and asked them to remove the content before giving them a strike.

It would seem that the internet is split regarding this mess. Some argue that Capcom is acting like a child and that the leaks aren’t anything special. Where others are claiming that this is damaging for the company. I tend to side with the latter. There’s a reason Capcom didn’t show off Ada at either E3, Gamescom 2018 or PAX West 2018. Perhaps they were saving this for a later show. Or perhaps they wanted to keep it under wraps until the game released. Either way, it was their decision to make and not some outsider. Not to mention the more people break NDA’s, the harder it is for companies to trust others with access to early content. 

We get it, people want their internet fame. But is it worth it when you betray trust and break NDAs?

ada wong resident evil damnation JPG

Ada Wong – Resident Evil Damnation

Before you go and say, but it was just a screenshot of her in a spy wearing glasses and a trenchcoat. It wasn’t even that much of a big deal. Look at what Capcom is doing now. Apparently, it’s much a bigger deal that you think it was. No one has the right to leak any information that doesn’t belong to them. That’s basically the end to the argument.

As a fan of Resident Evil and someone who can’t wait to get more info on the RE 2 Remake, I get it. I truly do. There’s not a lot of information out that and every bit we get we want to savory. But not this way, not like this and totally not by pissing off the people who are busting their asses to make this. We don’t need to be spoiled and we can definitely wait.

Seriously gang, let’s try to no upset the company that’s giving us a remake that we’ve asked about for the longest of times. 

Resident Evil 2 Remake is set to release on January 25, 2019, on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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