Kill la Kill The Game is being produced and developed by both Arc System Works and TRIGGER. Arc System Works is responsible for the majority of popular anime fighters in circulation right now, including Dragon Ball Fighter Z, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, and Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator 2. While TRIGGER studios are responsible for animated works like the Kill la Kill series, Little Witch Academia series, Space Patrol Luluco, and many more.

Kill la Kill The Game is the result of these two teams joint effort to create a 3D, anime fighter that seamlessly translates everything from the original animated series into a fully-fledged game. This includes the stunning visuals that Kill la Kill’s art style bolstered. 


Now… We’ve got a bit of information to cut into with today’s launch of the official Kill la Kill The Game website. Which breaks down the gameplay mechanics at hand within this title and also happens to show off (albeit barely) two newly revealed characters, Ira Gamagori and Uzu Sanageyama. The addition of Gamagori and Sangeyama, as well as the already present Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin, brings the current roster up to four characters. Hopefully, my girl Nonon (the best girl) gets announced soon too.

Kill la Kill The Game.

Ira Gamagori head of the disciplinary committee for Honnouji Academy.

Kill la Kill The Game.

Uzu Sangeyama oversees and regulates Honnouji Academy’s athletic clubs.

Gameplay mechanics have been described as functioning similarly to “Jajanken” known as rock-paper-scissors to us plebian, English speakers. “Blows”, are your general attacks involving melee strikes and long-ranged projectiles. This includes combos which are also delegated under “Blow”. If you’re tired of getting wailed on, then simply apply the “Guard” mechanic to protect your possibly, already bruised face. Guarding is self-explanatory for the most part; a “Guard” will beat out “Blow” attacks by blocking and negating the strike; it’s as simple as that. And our third device for this game of rock-paper-scissors is the “Break Attack”. This “Break Attack” will power through any “Guard” attempt, but the attack itself is a bit delayed compared to a regular attack. So a “Blow” attack might stuff an oncoming “Break Attack”.

Kill la Kill The Game.

Kill la Kill’s rock-paper-scissors mechanic playing out in the image above.

You can also utilize your movement as a defensive option too. Kill la Kill The Game plays out in a 3-dimensional plane meaning who can strafe out of danger by stepping right or left of an opponent’s attack. Leaping into the air to avoid taking damage is also a viable option. However, be forewarned that specific attacks can deal with specific evasive maneuvers, so try not to get too predictable with your movement.   

This next mechanic also revolves around “Jajanken”, but is far more cinematic and involves a lingual battle of rock-paper-scissors referred to as “Gong”. Both players, the refuting side and the assertive side, must choose a lingual option that trumps what their opponent chose. Various rewards can come from winning one of these verbal bouts like inflicting great damage against your opponent, recovery of your SP Gauge (Possible super meter?), or recovery of your physical strength.

There does seem to be something akin to Supers or Ultimate attacks as well as other abilities that stem from your SP Gauge. This gauge, that sits under a character’s portrait can be increased on a level-to-level basis; starting from level one and maxing out at level three. I certainly feel like the SP Gauge has a lot going on, but hopefully, once the English website is up and running this information will become more sensical.

Kill la Kill The Game.

Your SP Gauge is hard to ignore.

That pretty much wraps up the information haul brought to us by the newly launched website. At least regarding all the information in which I can make sense of while relying on a shoddy translator. Oh, and as a disclaimer… Only the Japanese version of the official website is currently available as I write this. 

Kill la Kill The Game: IF will release for both PC and PlayStation 4 sometime in 2019.




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